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Coming Home Each Day is a Pleasure with a Space Designed by A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC

Comfort is the ultimate luxury, "invest wisely in beauty, it will serve you all the days of your life" - Frank Lloyd Wright.

Well-Placed Home Accessories Add Joy and Inspiration to Your Space

Choosing the right details for your home's design makes each space come alive. A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC in Anacortes, Washington, helps clients chose home accessories and stylish window coverings that suit their aesthetic as well as the architectural details of each room.

Room with Accessories


Flooring is the literal base of every room. You don't need the trendiest flooring designs to make an impact. A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC helps you choose classic flooring that is long lasting. We know the cost of good flooring, and we won't let you spend more than you need to. If you get flooring right the first time, you won't need to redo it every few years.


Beautiful textiles make you want to spend time in a room, which is why upholstery is so important when it comes to design. In order for your upholstered pieces to feel luxurious and comfortable, we assist you in choosing items that are built to the highest standards and always feel timeless.

Window Coverings

Bare windows look unfinished and cold, so adding window coverings are important. They also soften architectural details in a room and lift the eyes up to give the appearance or more height. Picking the right window coverings adds warmth to your room, making it feel much more cozy and welcoming.


Accessories are a lot of fun, and this aspect of design is where you can really enjoy yourself. We love learning your passions and what you like to collect. A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC loves bringing those passions out in a room by displaying accessories that show them off. We provide you with resources, photos, and websites to help you make choices.