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Make Your House Feel Like Home with Residential Interior Design Services

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As a design firm for thirty-five years, A Grand Eye Interiors knows where to start looking, knows the pitfalls to be weary of, and have a solid sounding board. It is extremely important not to compete with the natural setting of the interiors.

A Grand Eye Interiors captures the essence of what you are set out to accomplish in your space, views sure things, but so do elegant design and elevated living. Linda is not limited to one style or tone, in fact she is dedicated to a process that prioritizes what clients want and the reality of how you inhabit your space.

It is of no concern whether your tastes is modern, traditional, retro, or classic. If a house has a good feel to it, it will always be home. A space can be serine and restful on the eye offering the harmony and the heaven that we all long for.

Space Planning
Kitchen Area

The best interior designer will show you only those options that are appropriate for your needs, avoiding many expensive blunders. You will preclude making impulsive purchase that result in wasted money, time, or must be returned. The cost of an expert advisor's fee is well worth it to keep your sanity and prevent headaches, delays, worry, and errors.

Ideally you want to bring a designer in at the beginning of the designs concept stage - before the contractor, installers or painters begin. And before you make decisions that may result in additional expense. The more expensive the home, the more critical this becomes, with the cost of mistakes rising dramatically.

On the other end of the spectrum many times, people try to save money by doing the interior design themselves. If you have good taste, why not? But consider this - what is the true cost of your time to spend running all over town, looking for resources, researching options, or trying every supplier you can find on the internet.

A Grand Eye Design Interior provides these same unsurpassed design services to those seeking the finest of innovative and unique interiors.  People respect people who have beautiful homes. The size does not matter it just has to be right.

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It would be my pleasure to donate 92$ for your first hour of consultation, instead of charging my clients.

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About A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC

A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC in Anacortes, Washington, makes sure your home feels like your sanctuary with residential interior design and home organization services. Each room proudly shows off your personal style with interesting details and appropriately chosen décor. We also offer event planning and can prepare your space for a party or celebration.

Our owner has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. She developed an interest in design in high school, and she studied design at college and in private school in Seattle, Washington. From there, her passion grew into a career. Her father was an interior designer and her mother was a floral designer, so design is in her blood.

A Grand Eye Interiors, LLC offers a variety of services. These include existing furniture rearranging, lighting assistance, space planning, flooring, upholstery, accessories, and window coverings.

Mission Statement

A Grande Eye Interiors creates experiences and environments through its designs that provide enduring, beautiful, and natural reflections of the owners.

Featured in an article in Teton Home Magazine for a guest house in Victor, Idaho.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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